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Bd. Cert. WOSAAM, Bd.Cert. ABAARM, BMBS, BA, BAppSc, BPE Hons University Medal, MSptMed

So many of my patients have diseases and ailments caused by the modern day lifestyle. The acidic foods we consume (grains, dairy, alcohol, caffeine) decrease our bodies natural pH levels, weakening our systems, which can then lead to illness. Consuming alkaline foods and fluids will help you to combat these lifestyle diseases.


I purchased this product with intention to venture into a PH balanced diet/lifestyle. The pitcher is wonderful. The water tastes silky smooth. I use this water in my coffee maker for my AM cup and it has improved the taste immensely; so smooth!!! Amazing!! I have always been a believer in drinking lots of water each day but this pitcher has the bar so high now with the quality of what I am drinking. It has also enhanced my journey to eat a more acidic/alkaline balanced diet. It is a whole new world! Thank you Invigorated Living. I purchased two as gifts and each recipient has the exact same reaction and has in turn purchased a pitcher or two for family members. This is a wonderful product! CHEERS!!!


Hello Monica! I just wanted to start by saying how grateful I am to have found your company! I have been going through some drastic changes the past four years with my mind, body, and soul. The most drastic change would have to be with my health. More recently, the past four months, I was opened up to my bodies PH level, and took notice of the water I was putting in my body. I was concerned about the water I was hydrating my body with and my search for a filter system lead me to you, on Amazon!

I love the simplicity and readiness that comes with the Premium Alkaline Water Pitcher Ionizer. It's easy to use and sophisticated enough to alkalize my water! It has been a great benefit to, not only me, but my whole family as well. My cousin recently purchased your filter after I referred him to your site. Both of our research lead us to believe that Invigorated Living had what we wanted and was the best deal, for sure!


Excellent Product! Great Alkaline & Clean Water & Tremendous Value too!

Thank you for providing such a great Alkaline Water Pitcher to the public. To say that I am pleased would be a understatement. The water pitcher surpasses my high expectations. The Alkaline Water Pitcher has definitely earned 5 out of 5 Stars from me. It is a outstanding value and me alkaline water which helps to achieve wellness.

I very much wanted to be able to have alkaline water consistently and on demand for health and longevity reasons. I believe in wellness! This pitcher delivers at a very reasonable price. The pitcher works and keeps on working. I use the water from my pitcher for drinking water and to cook. I have used it now since the end of December 28, 2015 and have about 28% life left in my original filter. With a couple of months of experience with my Alkaline Pitcher I feel qualified to evaluate the performance of the product. I am very pleased! The pitcher surpasses my expectations.

My tap water measures right at a 7, maybe a little less, on the alkaline scale right from the faucet and it has a very chlorine taste. The chlorine was very noticeable not only to the taste but the smell too. I could literally smell it. The water from my Alkaline Pitcher definitely raises the alkaline level giving me alkaline water. I have measured the water produced by my Alkaline Pitcher many times and it consistently measures at about 8.5 ph. 8.5 ph is definitely alkaline which tells me I am improving my health and wellness. My water now taste and smells great too. There is no longer the foul smell of chlorine. Chlorine is acidic and it is also known to cause cancer. Just from the great taste and the smell I feel that the chlorine is being removed. My water taste and smells clean! Clean is very important to health and wellness and this pitcher delivers.

There is a business in Nashville where I can buy alkaline water for $3.00 per gallon. The water is great but I have to travel to pick it up, take my own containers, and $3.00 per gallon adds up. This water is produced by a large refrigerator size machine and looks like it probably cost several thousand dollars . The water from my pitcher taste and smells equal for literally only pennies. So, I feel I have a outstanding value with my Alkaline Water Pitcher. I also have the convenience of Alkaline water all of the time and anytime.


All of that aside Amy, let me say that regardless if your product was great (which it is), good, or simply a neat pitcher--Invigorated Living could teach other businesses and companies a thing or two about client service. You guys rock! I buy a ton of stuff on Amazon and have only been contacted once (by you) to see if my purchase was satisfactory. You're a solid company in my book, and I wish you the best in your growth. Your product is solid, your service is excellent, and you're well on your way to distinction as a premiere retailer on Amazon. I love my pitcher and use it every day. My guests love it. I'll help sell a few more for you. The sale is as easy as "Taste This." :-)


I had to wait and experience the second filter for this product as I had a somewhat odd experience with the first filter I tried for this product. I had experienced a hard time with the water draining through the filter all the way, but discovered with the second filter that this was just a fluke. The filters are great. I had overlooked the part about soaking the filter under the tap for a period of time before using it, and this has turned out to be my problem with the first filter. This is an awesome product. Since I have started using this Pitcher and the filters that go with it, I have experienced great health benefits. I have felt greater energy levels and greater mental clarity. I don't know if this is due to the filtration of the bad components of normal drinking water, but I didn't experience this until I started drinking water filtered by this filter. Overall I feel healthier and more vibrant. Also it seems as though my memory recall works at higher levels also. I would associate this with better water entering my system. I am completely satisfied with this product as I receive great taste, and all these health benefits.


Great tasting alkaline water from our well in CT! This will seriously cut down on the expensive bottled water I've been using thus far. Thank you Invigorated Living!

Update: I wrote the previous review days after receiving the Invigorated Living pitcher but there’s more to tell after a month. When I ordered the Invigorated Living, I decided to try a little alkaline water pitcher shoot-out and I simultaneously ordered the Pitcher of Life alkaline pitcher as well (I figured I would use one at the office and one at home). Naturally, I began to size up both pitchers from the moment I unpacked them and began filtering. The Invigorated Living (henceforth IL) pitcher required very little break in. I filtered and dumped two payloads of 2 liters and I was off and drinking delicious and high pH water. The filter’s throughput was generous and I find it filters rather quickly. The Pitcher of Life (henceforth PoL) pitcher’s break in period was much longer and I could still detect traces of a black, charcoal-like sediment even after many fill and dumps (and even soaking and waiting for several hours- the manual only requires 30 min). Advantage- IL. The PoL’s throughput was exceedingly slow, owing to the one pinprick of a hole at the bottom of the filter (there are those that would argue that the LONGER the filter takes, the better it’s doing its job but subjectively, the IL filter delivered better tasting water and objectively, in much shorter time). Again, advantage- IL. I also preferred the form and fit of the IL filter- I LOVE the lcd timer in the handle. I never remember when I install a new filter and now I don’t have to. Game, set, match- IL!

The PoL pitcher now sits unused in my office and I find that I am bringing more IL water from home in my camelback canteen- live and learn. I highly recommend the IL pitcher- it has saved me countless dollars and the environment countless plastic bottles of boutique water.

The backstory to my obsessive use of alkaline water is that six months ago, I found myself in the ER for an acute and excruciating case of heartburn. The only thing that soothed my esophagus that night was a welcome chaser of a lidocaine drink. Needless-to-say, I finally got serious about reflux after decades of taking PPI’s, which only masked the symptoms of a much more serious problem. I am happy to report that finding the right ENT has changed my life. I haven’t had any reflux symptoms at all for 2 months now and the secret to my success has been directly attributable to dietary changes and drinking exclusively alkaline water to combat acidity. The IL pitcher has helped in this life changing practice and I don’t go anywhere without a liter or two of my favorite alkaline water that I make right here at home.


I had tried a large alkaline water system before and loved it but didn't love the price. I had been looking for something like this that tasted as the good as the other alkaline water I had tried and have finally found it. The water tastes silky and smooth and actually makes me want to drink more water than I have in the past. I've heard of the health benefits drinking water high in alkaline but this is so much easier and cheaper than other things I have tried in the past. Try it..... you too will love it!


I'm very grateful to have this product! Currently I am serving a tour in South Korea and living on base quarters. The water is ok, but definitely not rejuvenating. I am very picky about the water I drink and have a preference to drink water with an above average pH. This pitcher has set my mind at ease and along with the additional filters I purchased, I will be good to go until I return home. One thing of particular note is how quickly efficient the water progresses though the filter! It does not take long at all. I have had like-type product in the past and I may as well have been straining molasses for as long as it took. Definitely worth the time to invest in!


MBBS, ( hons) , FRACGP, ATCL, dip ACNEM

As an Integrative General Practitioner I pay great attention to acidity in the body, calculated by measuring the anion gap in a commonly ordered electrolyte blood test. It is vital to increase alkalinity in the body for optimising health, reducing inflammation and even maximising mitochondrial function. By drinking chemical free alkaline water my patients are going a long way towards achieving this, and amelioriating the negative effects of acidic food on the body. I certainly recommend this product.


I am writing this testimonial because I feel that my situation is a perfect example of the poor water standards of the US, and that cleansing water before consumption is a requirement for Americans, not a luxury.

I grew up in New Jersey. Close enough to New York to be a wealthy neighbourhood, but far enough from the city to be separated from its pollution (so I thought). Growing up I never saw an issue with the water supply and in fact I used to believe it had a distinct flavour that made it preferable to the water when I went to Boston for college.

It was only after I have moved to Australia when I noticed the foulness of the water back in my hometown. I recently needed to return to New Jersey due to my mother having breast cancer. After researching the topic I found that 1 in 8 women will have breast cancer in their lifetime. This is a staggered statistic on its own, not including the other types of cancers that are prolific in the US.

When I began to look at the consumption habits of my mother it became clear to why the statistic is so high. Firstly, unprocessed organic food is expensive and is oftentimes is not chosen as its processed more inexpensive counterpart is an easier option. Secondly, and the reason that I am writing this testimonial, is the water is downright terrible. I noticed in my mother’s new house (she is a retired widow nowadays) that the water smelled and tasted wrong. The taste that I had become so accustomed to as child, had lost its cloak and it was clear that it was unsafe water for human consumption over the long term.

I immediately began searching for the best type of water filter and landed on the alkaline ionized filtering system by Invigorated Living. It cleans far more chemicals from the water than a traditional sand or charcoal filtration system (like a Brita), and reorganises water molecules (layman’s terms) so that our bodies can absorb water more effectively. I noticed immediately the smell and taste of the water returned to what I became accustomed to while living in Australia. Let me note that Australia has the second longest life expectancy (after Japan) with the average citizen living until 88. They are already onto the clean water living secret, but it also helps when you have 24 million people living in the same landmass as the US!

After a six months of using the Invigorated Living Alkaline Water Pitcher Ionizer my mother feels great and is recovering amazing well from her mastectomy. I also have her on a strict organic diet, but it is so important to ensure that the water that she is drinking is not destroying all the hard work she is doing on that healthy diet!

Now we are just waiting for Invigorated Living to come out with a shower purification system. Come on guys! For me it is the healthy triangle for consumption: good food, clean water, and clean shower. Many people omit the shower, but don’t forget that your skin is your body’s largest organ and acts like a sponge for nutrients (and chemicals), particularly when using the shower. Once I finalize the shower for mom I am confident that I am giving her the best chance to live as long as the Aussies, and see her grandson grow up.


Thank you for the Booster Shot Recipe! I can't wait to try it! I am so impressed with you and your products!! I love my water pitcher and just received my 3 new filters so my water is at a ph of 10 again. I have the drops to test the water. I am a firm believer in drinking Alkaline water. After my father was diagnosed with brain cancer almost 10 years ago, I began to do research on alternative methods of treatment for cancer. I learned about Dr. Warburg and how he won the Nobel Prize in the 30's after discovering the benefits of being alkaline. I purchased a $4,000.00 machine from a company that hooked up to my sink, plugged in to an outlet, and made my water alkaline. I absolutely loved drinking it!! My mother and I went through some financial problems after my father passed and I had to sell the machine to keep us eating. That was over 4 years ago. I have been very sick since and even bed bound due to chronic fatigue and depression. I found your water pitcher in December 2016 and was so excited!! Because I had such an expensive machine, I had no idea that the ph of water could be changed in a pitcher!! I bought the ph drops to test and WOW!! I am now feeling so much better and my chronic fatigue is gone! I love drinking it and it tastes amazing! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR CHANGING MY LIFE!!! I just wanted you to know how happy I am. Have a wonderful weekend!! Best Regards, Stephanie Howren North Carolina, United States


Hello! I Just Wanted To Share, My Thoughts And Experience, With The "INVIGORATED WATER SYSTEMS. In 2014, I Went From Being On Top Of The World, To Total Kidney Failure!!! Within 48 Hours, My pH Was In The Low 4's And Dropping!!! How This Happened, Was By A Poor Diet, Lack Of Rest, And Even Worse, "Water". Yes My Own Water Was Killing Me, It Didn't Take Long, Before The Uric Acid Had Taken Over My Body, Every Joint And Organ Was Inflamed, And Had Started To Succumb To The Acid, And I Could No Longer Re-Hydrate Properly, It's Called, Slow Organ Death Syndrome, Not Fun!!! "INVIGORATED WATER SYSTEMS" Is A Awesome High pH/Alkaline Affordable System, With A pH Right Out Of The Box, Of 11+, And At Two Hundred Gallons Later On These Filters, I'm Still At A pH Of 10! INVIGORATED WATER Has Changed My Life Forever, November Of 2017, And I'am 30 Years Old Again, Well I Feel Like It, My Kidneys Are At 90% And Climbing, And My Health Is At 100%. I'am A Commercial Pilot, And Have Past All My Flight Physical Like I Was A Kid Again, And Have Been Restored To Full Flight Status, I Just Want To Thank INVIGORATED WATER, For Getting Me There, & Keeping Me There, I Will Always Be A Loyal Customer This Water Is So Refreshingly Good, It's Ridiculous. What It Will Do For Your Body Inside And Out, Is Amazing, Once Again, Thank You So Much INVIGORATED WATER, And Especially "Amy" At "INVIGORATED WATER SYSTEMS" Team Oregon!!! Thank You! Capt, David Reed At American Airlines/AMR!!!!


My go to bottle. Use it on the daily. Bring it almost everywhere with me. Took it on a Caribbean trip to replace the potentially unclean water provided in the hotel. The quality is superb. Very clean , fresh, and tasty. Stil’ Lasting. Would highly recommend.


The use case I described is how we use the filter with our City tap water in Texas. We have a second use case at our off-grid cabin in southern Chile where we spend about half our time. In this case we collect rainwater which is treated by filters built into the cabin plumbing (particulate, then UV light, then carbon). The problem with this system is that the rainwater is slightly acidic, and the cabin is plumbed with copper pipe so the water leaches a certain amount of copper from the pipe. Your filter neatly solves both of our issues as it raises the PH and also removes the copper! Thank you so much for this wonderful product!! kind regards, Richard T