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Flow rate and mineral content can have a tremendous impact upon the performance of any ionized water machine. Yet, these aren’t the only factors to consider, and you should look at the following three criteria before purchasing one of these units.

Quality of Filtration

When looking at how well an ionized water machine produces alkaline water with a high ORP, it can be easy to forget that you should also carefully examine the filtration portion of the unit. This is important, as you want a product that can remove as many contaminants from your drinking water as possible. A high quality multi-stage filter with activated charcoal can be an excellent choice, or you may opt for reverse osmosis filtration.

Voltage Capability

In general, higher voltage capability means water that is more alkaline and has a higher ORP overall (1). Again, how fast the water is flowing over the plates and the amount of mineral content can affect the performance, but a low-power unit will always struggle to provide the superior drinking water that you’re looking for.

Quality of Construction

Larger plates aren’t always better, and you’re looking for a unit that uses the best materials possible. In addition, smaller plates may be able to conduct the electric charge across the surface more effectively and more uniformly. So, keep in mind that as the size of the plates grows, the amount of voltage must increase as well if the unit is to perform to a high standard.

With these criteria in mind, you’ll be able to find a high-quality ionized water machine, which can provide you and your family with the healthy water that you require.






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