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You may be curious to learn more about ionized water, what it is and how the process of ionization works. This topic can be a bit complex, but the good news is that it is relatively easy to understand, after just a short review of the available information. Drinking alkaline water for better health has been gaining popularity in recent years, though this remains a somewhat controversial topic. Proponents hold that alkaline H20 has the ability to gently remove acidic waste which could be negatively affecting your health, and lower the stress that acidic foods and drinks are placing upon your system. How does this relate to ionized water?

These two terms often go hand-in-hand, as some alkaline water filtration units or machines use ionization to alkalize your drinking water, instead of adding alkalizing minerals like calcium and magnesium. Why is this important? 

Water ionization is a unique process, during which the water from your tap is passed over metal plates, which are often extremely well-made from heavy-duty platinum-coated titanium. These plates are electrically charged, which causes the water to separate into negative and positive streams. 

One stream is acidic in nature, and you are instructed not to drink this water coming out of the filtration unit, though it can be used for cleaning as the high free radical content is able to kill bacteria quite effectively. The second stream is the alkaline water, which also has a high Oxidation Reduction Potential - a benefit that may be even more important.

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