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An ionized water filter combines the best of both worlds, delivering pure drinking water that has also been through the process of electrolysis. Not only does this significantly raise the pH level of your drinking water, but it also creates water that has a high Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP). What is this and why does it matter?

High ORP refers to the ability to neutralize oxidizing free radicals within your body, which are seeking to steal electrons from your healthy cells. This is a damaging process, which is why such emphasis is currently placed upon consuming plenty of healthy antioxidants as a part of a balanced diet. High ORP water has the capacity to donate electrons, which can stabilize free radicals and render them harmless. 

Interestingly, some hold that high ORP water cannot actually act as an antioxidant on its own, but is only effective when consumed with a strong antioxidant like vitamin C. The high ORP water can then “recharge” the vitamin C (or other antioxidant) allowing it to neutralize more free radicals than it otherwise could (1). Either way, some experts believe that while alkaline water is important, high ORP water is even more beneficial to your body. 

Yet, some ionized water filter options are better than others in this regard, as many factors impact the ORP which can be produced by the unit. To learn more about the variables which can affect ionized water filter performance, keep reading on the next page.



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