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You may not be familiar with structured water, which refers to water that is organized in a special form or pattern on a molecular level (it also has other unique properties like a negative electrical charge and ability to absorb greater amounts of certain types of light). Science is just delving into this exciting new frontier, and much more research is needed until this topic is fully explored. Yet, respected professor of bioengineering Dr. Gerald Pollack and his team have already discovered a great deal of fascinating information. To help you learn how structured water may have huge ramifications for the health of your body, let’s take a closer look at what is currently known about this unique substance.

Structured water means that the water has a very definable order or pattern that is surprisingly stable, and which is also associated with a small electrical charge. On the surface this may not seem like a significant difference from “ordinary” water. Yet, proponents of the benefits of structured water disagree strongly. They point out that structured water is akin to a new phase of water, differing from the liquid, gaseous and solid phases or forms that you’re no doubt familiar with. What is this new phase?

Experts like Dr. Pollack describe it as being a liquid crystalline structure, which may seem impossible at first glance. Water in its solid form (ice) has a very definable crystalline structure, and proponents of structured water describe it as having much the same properties - yet remaining liquid. The benefits of having water in a crystalline structure are just being unfolded, but the differences discovered thus far have been profound.


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