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How To Make Alkaline Water At Home

How to Make Alkaline Water At Home

Alkaline water is clean, healthy and great tasting. Thankfully, there are ways to help you prepare alkaline water at home rather than having to buy the expensive bottled alkaline water from the store. We're showing you two options that are easy to implement and involve turning tap water into alkaline water.

If you’re mindful of your physical health, one of the things you’ve probably researched is proper hydration. In that case, you’re likely aware of the many benefits that staying hydrated will offer you.

Now, if  R E G U L A R  H2o can do so much for us, what about alkaline water, and what exactly makes alkaline water so special?

That's what we're going to cover over the course of this blog post, as well as:

  • 2 ways that help you make premium, crisp alkaline water at home for drinking. Spoiler alert: Nope, they don't involve lemons, baking soda or sea salt! 🍋 🧂
  • Alkaline water filters in pitchers & bottles
  • Benefits of alkaline water, and more!

How To Make Alkaline Water At Home

How To Make Alkaline Water At Home

First Things First - What Exactly is Alkaline Water?  

Alkaline water has a pH level of up to 10.

The pH level is a measurement by which we can determine the acidity as well as the alkalinity of any given liquid.

A pH reading of 7 is what is considered neutral whereas pH readings of above 7 and below 7 correspond with alkalinity and acidity, respectively.

In other words, a liquid or solution with a pH reading of lower than 7 is considered acidic. The lower the reading, the higher the level of acidity. The pH reading of the rather corrosive HCL (hydro chloric acid) for example is usually 3.01 or below. 

In the same manner, solutions with a pH reading above 7 are considered to be alkaline. The exact level of alkalinity is once again determined by how much more than 7 the pH reading is. A solution with a pH reading of 8 is considered to be alkaline, but it will be less so than a solution with a pH reading of say 10.  

Where regular distilled water is said to have a pH reading of 7, alkaline water for drinking has a pH of anywhere between 8 and 10.  

The Benefits of Alkaline Water 

Alkaline water is clean, healthy and great tasting, and helps with the following:  

Managing Acidity 

The enzyme pepsin when present or produced in excess is associated with acid reflux. Acid reflux can be a chronic problem for many; however, research proves that water with a pH of roughly 8.8 effectively suppresses excess pepsin production.

For this reason, drinking alkaline water can be an option for those looking to cure chronic acidity or acid reflux and is often recommended.  

Immune System Support  

Alkaline water helps support the immune system by creating an environment within your body with a chemical balance that delays the development of several illnesses.  

Health and Longevity  

Studies conducted show how alkaline water consumption was linked with longer lives and stronger bodies and organs in test animals. Though there is still research on whether this effect would translate to humans in the same degree, popular opinion seems to suggest that this might just be the case.  

Can you Drink Alkaline Water Every Day? 

Though Alkaline water offers an array of benefits, there are certain situations where drinking it every day is discouraged. We’ve listed certain cases where you might want to connect with a physician before consuming alkaline water:  

  • If you are struggling with kidney or liver disease.  
  • If alkaline water makes your skin itch  
  • If you feel any kind of undesirable affects after consuming alkaline water.  

That being said, for most of us, it is absolutely safe to drink alkaline water on a daily basis.  

it's safe for people to drink alkaline water on a daily basis as long as they don't suffer from liver or kidney disease

Can I Make my Own Alkaline Water?  

If you find that buying pre-bottled alkaline water is a tad expensive, we can empathize. Thankfully, we know a thing or two about how to make alkaline water on your own!

That said, we’re not going to give you wonky tips that might actually not be safe such as adding baking soda to your water.

Instead, we’re going to focus on two safe and sure ways that you can use to make alkaline water at home 

Making Alkaline Water at Home 

So, how do you turn tap water into alkaline water? The three methods we’re going to focus on are alkaline water filter pitchers, alkaline water filter bottles as well as faucet water filters. 

Alkaline Water Filter Pitchers vs Water Bottles

If you’re looking for an easy way to turn regular water into alkaline water, one option is to use alkaline water filters in pitchers and portable bottles.

These filters don't just make the water more alkaline, they also infuse it with healthy minerals.  

Alkaline water filter pitcher from Invigorated Water

If you exercise outdoors a lot or spend a lot of time in the car, an alkaline water bottle is the ideal option - ours come in a variety of materials (featured below is our pH REVIVE Alkaline Water Bottle made from BPA-free Tritan plastic:)

Drinking alkaline water on the go from an alkaline water bottle


Alkaline Water Filter for Faucet  

If, instead, you want alkaline water to come right from your tap, we recommend our alkaline water filters that attach directly to your faucets

Alkaline water faucet or tap filters allow you to infuse larger volumes of water with the right minerals in a more efficient, uninterrupted way. Ideal for higher water consumption, these filters work similar to the alkaline water pitchers mentioned above – except they’re scaled up!  

Featured below is our pH REGENERATE Faucet Water Filter:

Alkaline water filter for faucet

The alkaline water faucet filter attaches directly to your tap or faucet. The water passes through a large filtration unit which processes the liquid sending out purified alkaline water on the other end.  

These units are easy to install and like the pitchers above are also available for purchase in our online store. 

Featured below is our pH PURIFY Faucet & Tap Filter:


Alkaline water filter for faucet & tap


Things to Look Out for in an Alkaline Water Filter  

When you're shopping for alkaline water filters, some of the things to take into account include:

  • Filter life
  • Material
  • Size 

If you have children or young adults in your home, you may be interested in a more durable model. For example, our plastic water pitchers. 

Alkaline water filter pitcher made of BPA-free plastic
Plastic alkaline water pitchers are great to be handled by kids


If you entertain a lot and are looking for a more visually pleasing way to display your water pitchers, may we recommend our beautiful stainless steel water pitchers and glass water pitchers?

 Invigorated Water pH VITALITY Alkaline Water Pitcher in Stainless Steel

pH RENEW glass alkaline water pitcher


Additional Benefits  

The thing about a good alkaline water filter pitcher or faucet filter is not just the fact that it allows you to turn your tap water into alkaline water efficiently and conveniently.

It also helps to clear several potentially harmful substances from your tap water, ensuring that the water you receive is truly in its healthiest form.  

Some of the substances that your alkaline water filter will remove may include chemicals such as chlorine, certain toxic heavy metals that may be present in the water, and microplastics which are present in the water supplies of most urban centers.

These filters also serve to neutralize bacteria thus ensuring that your water is safe, healthy and consumable.  

Finally, these filters also replenish your water with the right minerals such as: 

  • Potassium 
  • Magnesium  
  • Calcium 

These minerals help support physical development, immune system improvement and bone growth.  

How to Make Alkaline Water At Home: Conclusion  

Today, healthy living is at the top of the to-do list for most of us, regardless of where in the world we may be.

Alkaline water consumption is just one of the many alterations you can make in order to be a step closer to living a holistically healthy life, and our alkaline water filters make that process a whole lot simpler!

Remember, staying healthy is the best investment you can make in yourself, so start now - you can thank us later!  

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