Alkaline Water Filter Bottle (Glass), pH HYDRATE - Invigorated Water

Alkaline Water Filter Bottle (Glass), pH HYDRATE


For years customers have been asking us for a glass alkaline water filter bottle, as an alternative to plastic.

Well, after over a year in development, we’re excited to introduce you to pH HYDRATE. So now you can enjoy clean filtered alkaline ionized water anywhere, anytime, and without the use of plastic.

Our pH HYDRATE Glass Alkaline Water Filter Bottle is made from double-walled super-strong borosilicate glass to reduce condensation - ensuring you don’t get your laptop or makeup wet inside your bag.

pH HYDRATE utilizes our powerful multi-stage pH ON-THE-GO 30g alkaline water filter. pH ON-THE-GO is a long-life filter, that’s comparable to our bigger filters - it’s really powerful!

Glass Alkaline Water Filter Bottle Features;

  • Use anywhere, anytime, including the home, office, gym, train, plane, car, biking, hiking, traveling, shopping, in the cinema - its uses are only limited by your imagination.
  • Includes pH ON-THE-GO multi-stage filter with stone and ball blend;
  • Natural Zeolite Crystal & Activated Alumina greatly reduce fluoride while eliminating heavy metals like arsenic, mercury, copper & lead.
  • Dechlorination Balls remove chlorine & chloramine. Far-Infrared activates and oxygenates the water.
  • Ceramic mineral balls optimize health & make your water taste delicious & smell amazing.
  • Alkaline Calcium Balls to increase pH level & help more easily absorb beneficial calcium.
  • ORP Balls to increase the negative potential producing high-antioxidant water.
  • Maifan Stones add healthy minerals including zinc, magnesium, selenium & iron.
  • Portable, compact & stylish design including easy-grip silicone sleeve, and bamboo lid with convenient carry handle.
Filter Replacement Guide

We recommend replacing your pH ON-THE-GO filter pouch every 300 cups/16 gallons/72 litres - which is an amazing filter life for such a tiny low cost filter.

The average person consumes 68 Ounces (2 litres) per day, so as a general guide we recommend replacing your filter pouch about once a month.

Of course, if you consume more than 68 ounces of water per day, you’ll need to change your filter more regularly.

If you only consume half your daily water using pH ON-THE-GO the pouch will last for about two months.

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews Write a review

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