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Invigorated Water Gift Card


60 Day Money
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100% BPA-Free

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We recommend replacing your PH001 filter every 1500 cups/96 gallons/360 litres. The average person consumes (68 ounces) per day (2 litres).

The more people in your household, the more frequent the filter replacement. 

As the RECHARGE glass unit holds about two gallons, you can do about 50 fill ups before needing to replace the PH001 filter.

As a general guideline:

  • 1 person = Replace every 6 months
  • 2 people = Replace  every 3 months
  • 3 people = Replace  every 2 months
  • 4+ people = Replace each month


If you choose to add our PH002 UF Membrane filter to our PH001 filter, please note each PH002 filter has a capacity of 264 Gallons (1000 litres).  

We recommend replacing your PH002 every third PH001 filter change.

As a general guide (for PH002);

  • 1 person = Replace every 500 days / 16 months
  • 2 persons = Replace every 250 days / 8 months
  • 3 persons = Replace every 167 days / 5 months
  • 4 persons = Replace every 125 days / 4 months

Invigorated Water Gift Card Features

Increase pH & -ORP

Add minerals

Remove pollutants, fluoride & chlorine

Eliminate heavy metals

Improve taste & smell

Reduce inflammation & help reduce illness, injury & diseases

Improved immune system & wallbeing

Better water absorption & hydration

Enhanced energy levels & mental clarity

Slow down ageing & manage weight


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The Benefits of Alkaline Water

the Best

No bad chemicals, toxins, chlorine, fluoride, or heavy metals.


A pH of up to 9, and added minerals like calcium and magnesium.


Boosts digestion, liver function, immunity, and heart health.


Improves endurance and promotes a good night’s sleep.

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