pH Strips (Tests pH 4.5-9), pH PERFECT

Our pH PERFECT 4.5-9 pH Strips are the perfect way to test urine & saliva pH, & balance your bodies pH level.

Its important to balance our pH level, because when our body is acidic we can experience reduced energy levels, poor digestion, bone degeneration, muscle mass loss, & even insulin sensitivity leading to weight gain. Not to mention the long list of diseases which can thrive in an acidic, inflamed, free radical ridden environment. 

However, when you’re body is alkaline it can detox, releasing many of the nasties our bodies can retain when acidic. Antioxidants take care of free radicals so we have a healthy body free from sickness & disease, leaving us feeling energized, refreshed, revitalized & quick simply, PERFECT!! 

To test saliva using our pH strips, wait 2 hours after eating, then simply dip the strip tip in saliva. Wait 15 seconds for results.

To test urine, test the 1st & 2nd urine of the day, by placing the pH strip tip in the urine stream, then wait 15 seconds for results. EASY!

While most pH strips measure in 1 or .5 increments, pH PERFECT 4.5-9 measures in tiny .25 increments from pH 4.5 to pH 9 – which is the most suitable range for testing human urine & saliva.

To learn more about the benefits and science behind alkaline water please visit our resources and blog.

pH Strips Product Specifications:

Height: 4"/10.16 cm

Length: 1.5"/3.81 cm

Width: 1.5"/3.81 cm

Weight: 2 oz/.06 kg


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